Inspired by great storytellers, world explorers, social advocates, and game-changing leaders, Wunderlich Kaplan Communications is a public relations firm that seeks out like-minded brands who, at the core, desire to leave this earth better than they found it and make a big impact.

Equipped with fresh ideas and an extensive network of media contacts, Wunderlich Kaplan Communications takes a multiplatform public relations approach to generate brand awareness, engage consumers, and drive real measurable results. For Wunderlich Kaplan Communications, public relations is all about creating a culture, inspiring a movement, and cultivating a lifestyle.

At Wunderlich Kaplan Communications we have worked through many demanding and testing periods since we launched over twenty years ago. We continue to, more than ever, guide our clients, while providing strategic advice and communication plans in the most trying of times. Our outlook remains resolute as we seek to align our clients to new media inclusions, amplifying their core values, and developing new business opportunities.